• Zed - Awesome chromebook app

    2014-03-19 21:02:42

    So I've tried out a big bunch of IDEs for chromebook. Everything from Koding to Cloud9 etc. The best, by far, is Zed which lets you write code locally ..

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  • My Chromebook Review

    2013-05-03 12:49:39

    I've had my Samsung Chromebook now for about two weeks and I feel its time to write some kind of review on it. To be honest I do love it even if I fi ..

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  • RedCan - a simple basic DB Revision system

    2013-03-19 16:53:49

    Try the system by checking out either of these: https://packagist.org/packages/dvwallin/redcan https://github.com/Utvecklarkollektivet/RedCan RedCan ..

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  • Senpaga - the tiny generic wiki

    2013-03-16 16:59:00

    So I entered a challenge on Twitter called #kod100. The goal of the challenge is to contribute (not only with code) at least one thing to an open sour ..

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  • 100100 on Pagespeed

    2013-03-16 11:10:19

    Just as a FYI: 24b.se now get 100/100 score on Googles PageSpeed -test. According to the test there is nothing else to do to optimize the website.

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  • Fun little Python Framework - bobo

    2012-12-30 14:25:50

    I sat the other day and browsed around amongst, to me unknown, frameworks and one of the frameworks I found was the python framework bobo. Bobo is a l ..

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  • Planka - Strange backup

    2012-12-30 13:55:23

    So I got a new laptop from my new job and started to plan how I should handle the backing up of important data. I wrote this strange backup solution w ..

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  • Mosh - No more Vanilla SSH

    2012-08-22 15:35:12

    So i stumbled across an article describing how this new protocol were going to replace SSH. I, as most server administrating professionals, smiled and ..

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  • BackMaid

    2012-08-11 23:40:27

    A fun little script to ease in the cleaning of old files. Not gonna write much more, have a look at https://github.com/dvwallin/BackMaid or download t ..

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  • WP ishome and isfrontpage

    2012-03-09 13:45:02

    I'm currently involved in the development of a website based on Wordpress. The way that the customer wants it means having a small area on the frontpa ..

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  • EvenUP - The new CI Forum

    2012-03-07 11:04:57

    A few weeks ago me and another web agency started talking about existing forum solutions written in Codeigniter. We did some research in the subject a ..

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  • Are you focused on speed?

    2012-03-06 16:13:04

    I've spent some time optimizing this blog for speed. My tool for measuring the speed has been Googles Page Speed Online. Running the test for 24b.se n ..

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  • Wordpress - The holy grail

    2012-02-22 12:45:42

    So a while ago I wrote a post about Wordpress being more hype than good. The one thing that I had a good lauch about was the wild comments around the ..

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  • Awesome CMS

    2012-02-15 10:52:55

    I am one of those people that constantly search for new CMS solutions. I've been using Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal a lot in my work and for different ..

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  • How I handle Backup

    2012-02-15 10:35:26

    I handle backup similar to the way that every other server administrator does it. Not identically but similar. I presume that, like me, lots of admin ..

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  • Increasing Privacy

    2012-01-25 12:58:20

    During the past two years I've been thinking more and more about how the privacy is handles and how much private information gets stored around the we ..

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  • Good practice with variables

    2012-01-20 14:40:35

    It's Friday and what suits a Friday better than some random tips on good programming practices? These tips apply to lots of different areas such as g ..

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  • Markdown in use

    2012-01-20 11:38:00

    I love simplicity and clean solutions. For this reason alone I have now switched from nicEDIT (WYSIWYG) to using Markdown when writing articles. Usin ..

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  • Speed work up

    2012-01-09 02:41:05

    So when I write code or administrate servers or, well what ever I work at, I use search engines a lot. The other fact is that when I work i usually ha ..

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  • SSL usage in htaccess

    2011-12-27 12:09:04

    I really just want to spread this article to my readers. This article is really well written and informative. It explains a few different ways of enfo ..

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  • Solution on solution

    2011-12-19 16:24:05

    I bet that a lot of you people out there developing any kind of solution for any kind of problem has been facing the question "should i base my soluti ..

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  • spEed-Commerce

    2011-12-19 11:35:14

    I've been considering starting different E-Commerce sites for a few years. Had different ideas involving different products. Just as any other area, E ..

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  • li3 - Lithium Filtering

    2011-12-19 00:43:57

    In an earlier blog entry about li3 we talked some about the filtering system li3 got built in. As i admitted back then i did not know much about it, a ..

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  • Opera Mobile + WYSIWYG = Bug

    2011-12-16 16:42:46

    So I installed Opera Mobile on my ipad 2 (running ios 5.0.1) to try out a different browser. I kinda like opera on my desktop so why not try it out on ..

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  • li3 - Lithium post popular

    2011-12-12 12:56:41

    I wrote a post about li3 - Lithium a while ago and it's been really popular. I wasn't expecting that many people to visit my site just to read about l ..

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  • Social Knowledge Network

    2011-12-11 11:16:36

    I've been a Facebook user since a few years. I'm no the most frequent Facebooker and I pretty much only use if to share pictures of my son with my fam ..

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  • Migration in Codeigniter 2.1.0

    2011-12-04 22:21:01

    I've written some software in Codeigniter and one feature I've been missing native support for is migrating database structure.In version 2.1.0 of Cod ..

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  • Another PyroCMS plugin -tip

    2011-12-02 00:48:18

    Stumbled up on another guy who wrote a small plugin for PyroCMS. It's a plugin for switching between classes to create columns.Check it out at ht ..

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  • Banner Widget for PyroCMS

    2011-12-02 00:46:09

    I was surfing around Google's blogsearch and found a guy who wrote a little Banner Widget for PyroCMS.I haven't tried it yet but I thought I'd throw y ..

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  • Wordpress - Hype rather than Good

    2011-12-02 00:34:04

    So I've been working quite a lot with Wordpress over the years. I've written countless plugins for customers, I'm on the contributors list of the Word ..

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  • li3 - Lithium Framework

    2011-11-30 08:10:45

    About a year ago I stumbled upon a site called lithify.me which had information on the PHP framework Lithium (otherwise known as li3). At the time the ..

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  • Mercurial phase one

    2011-11-27 17:36:35

    So I've been a Git user for quite some time now but today I actually started to play around with Mercurial. I haven't played for long but I kinda like ..

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  • Becoming one of the best

    2011-11-27 13:10:06

    There's always new entries about how to become a good programmer, how to be the best designer, etc. These entries usually say the same things and usua ..

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  • PHP Quality Assurance

    2011-11-26 20:14:58

    There are many many thousands of PHP coders around the world but only a small portion of those coders actually write any kind of quality code. And eve ..

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  • Observations of Google+

    2011-11-26 19:57:48

    If you read Swedish, like I do, or likes to use Translated text there's a rather interesting post about wider use of Google+ and Google Buzz. Check it ..

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  • Nerdy Santa

    2011-11-26 19:32:29

    It's Christmas within four weeks and I felt we all needed to get into the proper spirit. For this reason I've invited santa to stand on the left side ..

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  • Testing Trackback

    2011-11-26 14:57:03

    So I needed to write some trackback-functionality. That is not really the hard part. The annoying part of Trackback is how its only possible to trackb ..

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  • Dont optimize until you know why

    2011-11-26 11:35:15

    A lot of people today are talking about optimizing solutions, optimizing code, optimizing server layouts. The thing is that most people don't know abo ..

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  • Changed the frontpage

    2011-11-26 11:23:29

    So i figured that many of my visitors might want a more complete overview when they reach the frontpage. For this reason i left the former concept of ..

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  • Too tired to write

    2011-11-26 09:54:34

    I started writing an entry about repeated invoicing but found myself unmotivated to write today. Might post something later tonight.

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  • Workstation setup

    2011-11-25 12:38:01

    I've got a pretty serious workstation setup myself. Got about 4 laptops, 3 stationary, 3 flatscreens that i'm using on an day to day basis. These guys ..

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  • The Holywood Operating System

    2011-11-25 12:29:10

    I spent my lunch using StumbleUpon (which can be a rather fun tool when you have the time). This lead, of course, to me stumbling up on a few fun and ..

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  • PHP Class for generating passwords

    2011-11-24 07:11:47

    A tiny php class which generates passwords that are a bit more secure than md5.Class Security{  var $hash_type;  function __construct()  ..

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  • Hosting 24b.se on a new server

    2011-11-24 05:21:04

    I've been hosting about 20 different websites on about 14 different VPS:s at three different hosting providers. This has been eating lots of time, lot ..

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  • Google SSL Search Beta

    2011-11-22 12:17:57

    I recently got redirected to the new Beta of Google SSL Search which seem to enforce SSL on all searches. A decent step in the right:ish direction.Try ..

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  • Google Verification

    2011-11-22 12:04:48

    Google has a decent little feature called Google 2-Step Verification which add some extra security to your Google account. If activating 2-Step Verifi ..

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  • Security makes you forget security

    2011-11-22 11:31:40

    No I did not misstype the title.There are lots of headlines around the Internet nowadays about security. It's security on your servers, security on yo ..

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  • OpenBSD once again

    2011-11-22 01:46:29

    I've been running Linux (almost exclusively) now for well over ten years. I have, as I'm embarrassed to admit, been using a Macbook Pro for some work ..

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  • Please take time to comment

    2011-11-21 20:01:11

    Since this blog is as much about me sharing my knowledge as it is about me learning from my visitors, please take a minute to comment any entry that c ..

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  • Might be slow :-(

    2011-11-21 18:04:38

    24b.se is hosted on Pagodabox which is a rather cool cloud-service. Since one of the goals with 24b.se was a small footprint I also wanted to force my ..

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  • PyroCMS plugin developer

    2011-11-20 23:48:02

    I've been using PyroCMS for about a year now. It's written in the framework Codeigniter (which I'm working a lot with). A while ago I needed trackback ..

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  • I like it simple

    2011-11-20 23:18:02

    I have been writing code for more than 14 years now and i really love a good challenge. This might be why i've started several companies, written mult ..

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  • Playing with JBCache

    2011-11-20 22:41:03

    A few months ago I took part in a small cache project called JBCache. It was created and mostly written by Jonas Björk and published as on GitHub (un ..

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  • 24b -blog online

    2011-11-20 21:40:18

    So I wanted to have a small and international blog and started to search for software to provide a really small footprint. After searching for about a ..

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